What to Expect

 Read a bit about what you can expect during your visit at Redington Orthopedic Surgery.

Redington Orthopedic Surgery is located right inside the recently renovated Redington-Fairview General Hospital. When you walk through the new hospital entrance, the Redington Orthopedic Surgery suite is only steps away on the right.

Redington Orthopedic Surgery Receptionist

Our friendly receptionist

When you enter the Redington Orthopedic Surgery suite, you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist. After checking in, you can take a seat in our comfortable and pleasant waiting area.

Redington Orthopedic Surgery Waiting Room

Our waiting room

Not long after, you will be escorted to a warm examination room where you will meet with your doctor. Your doctor will assess your situation, and together you will discuss options for treatment that best fit your lifestyle.

Our Friendly Staff

Our office manager

Depending on your orthopedic care needs, your doctor may have you fitted for a brace or recommend surgery to put you on the fast track to recovery. Whether you will be receiving a brace, surgery or other orthopedic care, Redington Orthopedic Surgery offers patients the most advanced facility, medical procedures and care available.

Redington Orthopedic Surgery Fitting A Brace

Fitting a brace

If you have already received treatment, you may be here for a recovery evaluation. Your doctor will inspect your healing progress and answer any questions you may have.

Review of recovery

We know that receiving any kind of medical care can be unnerving, but rest assured that our medical staff will go the extra step to make you comfortable, answer all your questions and successfully see you through your orthopedic care.
Redington Orthopedic Surgery Friendly Staff

Our friendly staff


Redington Orthopedic Surgery Recovery Room

Our Recovery Room

Here, at Redington Orthopedic Surgery, we pride ourselves on being a professional and friendly staff that puts our patients and their needs first. We look forward to serving you and helping you reach your orthopedic goals.